Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 Misconceptions About Divorce

Mediation is often the sensible alternative to litigation, particularly when people are divorcing. When you think about divorce, you immediately think of lawyers, courts, judges, and litigation, not to mention expense and aggravation.
People are not as familiar with mediation and often have erroneous notions about what the process of divorce mediation is all about.
The following are some of the common misconceptions about divorce mediation:
1. My spouse and I cannot be civil to one another; we argue all of the time. I thought that for mediation to work the couple must be on amicable terms.
This is not true. Mediators are trained to deal with volatile situations. Take a look at labor negotiations or negotiations in the middle east. Alternative: Divorce Mediation uses a clinical psychologist and family law attorney team when mediating a divorce. Their combined skills in dealing with difficult situations can reduce the acrimony and even help couples to learn the skills necessary for successful negotiations...

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