Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New 'Positive and Supportive' book says Divorce Doesn't Have to Wreak Long Term Havoc

Divorce and Separation – The Essential Guide Separated parents are reported to have a lot to answer for – from ‘yob culture’ and binge drinking to dire predictions about a child’s future inability to hold down a relationship.
Although the UK divorce rate is falling, so-called "broken homes" are said to be at fault for many of the pressing concerns of today’s society. No wonder loving parents who face a split with their partner feel bewildered and scared about what is to become of their children – not to mention the trauma that split will bring.
Due out in July, Linda Jones’ positive and supportive book, Divorce and Separation - The Essential Guide, shows that it is not divorce that wreaks long term havoc on a family’s life, but the way it is handled...

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