Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Job Loss and Child Support

Parents who have seperated and moved in different directions are sharing the pains of the recession together.

When one parent loses a job and can no longer afford to pay child support, the whole family is affected and this is becoming more and more common. Unemployment's rise to over 10 percent is making it impossible for many parents to make child support payments and has been reflected in a nationwide trend in petitions for reduced payments or requests for modification of child and/or spousal support.

In addition, most people who are currently losing their jobs are unemployed for at least six months. Another trend shows that men have been disproportionally hit by the downturns impact on industries such as manufacturing and construction. This is critical because women are typically the custodial parent and depend on child support from their former husbands to get by.

This is particularily interesting because three years ago before the the economy started to slow, most requests for change in child support were seeking an increase rather than a reduction.

If your financial situation changes and you can't meet your support payments, call your attorney or the state child support agency to start the review process.

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