Friday, January 22, 2010

Social Websites Becoming New Tool For Lawyers Seeking Information

The personal information people post on Web sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter is becoming a new weapon in the family lawyer's arsenal as more people make connections via social networking services.
Daniel R. Victor, of the Law Offices of Victor and Victor PLLC in Bloomfield Hills, said social networking sites have become a source of evidence in the custody and divorce proceedings his firm specializes in.
He said people are less than cautious about what kinds of information they post on these sites and that can cause problems for them in court.
For example, Victor said, "I was involved in a custody case where the father was accusing the mother of alienating their child from him by getting him to believe her boyfriend was the father. She denied it. We accessed her Facebook page and there were pictures of the child and the boyfriend titled, 'child and father.'"
There have been other custody cases where a parent's claims of propriety and worthiness have been undermined by pictures of him or her drunk and partying - pictures that parent often posted online personally. Access to these pages and their information can be compelled via subpoena, but often that's not required.
"There was a case where a father created a profile built to deceive his wife into thinking he was another friend," he said. "He went so far as to create a fake network of her friends to complete the picture."
He said the man was able to get access to his wife's page and everything posted there through his deception.

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