Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Child Custody: Is a custody battle best for your children?

Look at this time as an adventure and opportunity of trying to improve your parenting skills in order to improve the quality of the relationship you have with your children. Your children simply can't lose in an effort such as this.

1. Conservatorship
Conservatorship is the term used in Texas to designate the division of parental rights, privileges, powers and duties. Joint managing conservators may share all rights or may share some rights and retain others exclusively. By law, it is now presumed that the parents should be named joint managing conservators unless good cause is shown. Because of this presumption, this handbook will only address joint managing conservatorship in detail.

In those extreme circumstances which warrant a sole managing/possessory conservatorship arrangement, the sole managing conservator (the "custodial" parent) is the person who is granted all of the rights, privileges, powers and duties of a parent. The possessory conservator (the "noncustodial" parent) has only limited parental rights when he or she has actual possession of the children. There may be some instances when a non-parent may be appointed as a sole managing conservator or possessory conservator, although this rarely occurs in a divorce case. When it does occur, one or more of the grandparents of the children may be appointed as an additional possessory conservator. In addition, there may be more than one possessory conservator with specific rights to possession of the children at certain times.
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