Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Inflexible Ex: You and the children

If you're one of those divorced persons who have a contentious relationship with their exes, be ever so careful that you don't let it have an impact on the mental well being of the children you are parenting together.

Unfortunately, children are almost always victims when it comes to divorce -- helpless victims who love both parents -- and the last thing they need is to feel the tension and acrimony between the two people they love the most. Nor do they need to feel they must choose one parent over the other. But I find that couples are so caught up in their anger, need for control, or bitterness that they don't fully realize how their behavior (their unkind words and actions toward one another) can affect their children, who are often left feeling they must pit one parent against the other.
by Stacy D. Phillips

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