Thursday, June 3, 2010

Custody Was Legal, But It Wasn't Right

Once upon a time there was a young married couple who had a child. For the first year of the child's life they lived as a traditional family. Mom stayed home with the baby. Dad went to work to earn the money the family needed.

But the young mother was not happy. She wanted to finish her university education and to pursue a career. One day she could not tolerate it any longer. She left her home, her husband and her child to return to school in a different state.

The young father had some difficult times. He hadn't developed his "mothering" skills as well as he had his "fathering" skills. But he loved his child, and he quickly learned how to be a single parent.

For three years he did it all, and he did a wonderful job.

But one day the young father began to notice that his child seemed sad. It got worse as time went on. The child began to play with fire and to hurt small animals. The father took the child to a counselor. The counselor said, "The child misses his mother. The child feels abandoned. The child feels that he must be an awful child for his mother to have gone away. The child is suffering from self-hatred.
by Honorable Anne Kass

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