Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Handle The Stress of Divorce

It’s very clear that getting a divorce is a very stressful situation. No one needs to be reminded that anytime a big change occurs, the human approach is to resist. And regardless of the fact that people realize that it’s time for a divorce, it still is an extremely difficult challenge. So, what is it about divorce that makes it so hard? Obviously, you are being asked to establish a new identity as a single individual or you are facing the loss of an important relationship that you have known for a long time. However you choose to look at it, you have to alter your life. And not everyone experiences change in the same way. For some, the divorce can be overwhelming and so they cling to the possibility that maybe the relationship can be saved. For others, the idea of being alone weakens their sense of security. We are in fact creatures of habit and so we become attached to a way of life even when we have outgrown it.

Time To Reflect
Many of us think that as we go through the divorce, we’ll be prepared to handle all the different feelings and emotions. Yet, in truth there are some emotions and feelings that come as a surprise. Whether you’re the one that has chosen divorce or if the divorce decision was made for you, the dissolution of a marriage is painful to say the least and calls forth a lot of different feelings. Yes, it is very stressful when facing divorce, but when we’re forced to stretch ourselves, we become stronger people. After all, aren’t the struggles we face in life, the things that make us become who we truly are?

Can Divorce Offer a New Opportunity?
Perhaps divorce provides us with an opportunity that few people consider. Not to sound cliché, but the breakdown of a marriage provides us with the chance to create a better and stronger life as well as a better relationship with a future partner. How? If we’ve learned anything from a marriage that ends in divorce, we become more careful in our choices. We pay attention to things that happen early on in a new relationship and rather than dismissing it, we take it into account.
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