Monday, October 6, 2008

Divorce Tips

Maybe you have been thinking about it for some time. Maybe it is a sudden revelation. Perhaps your spouse has made the decision for you. Whatever the situation, it sends a shudder up and down your spine! Divorce is one of life's most upsetting events. Those who leave have different emotions from those who get left, but the degree of turmoil is about the same.

It is easy to get overwhelmed, but working through an action plan and taking it step by step will help you get through this painful time.

Firstly, create a cash plan for the separation period. A divorce typically costs more and takes longer than you expect. Money that previously used to support one household must now be stretched to support two! On top of regular transportation, food and accommodation costs, you now have an additional drain on your financial resources in the form of court fees and legal fees. It is therefore important to accumulate some cash reserves during this period. If possible, put some money aside from your regular paycheck, into a bank account or money market account in your own name...

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