Thursday, October 30, 2008


I once heard something that has stuck with me for many years, that being Love is grand, but divorce is at least one hundred grand. I have also heard a client, jokingly say, that if that was all it would have cost him he would have been divorced years ago. So a serious as divorce is it is best to laugh at it.
On a serious note divorce can be a one of the most troubling events to happen in ones life. Who gets what, who pays who what, and it is all your fault. Sleepless nights and the thought of ending a relationship can be quite unnerving.
As a mortgage broker I look at divorce as an end to a business relationship, and it should be handled as such. If you own a home and have a mortgage on the home it is necessary to get the divorce decree to detail who is responsible for the payment. If you have credit cards that are joint in name you need these listed in the divorce decree to document who is responsible for the debt. If you own vehicles these need to be listed in the divorce decree to show ownership also...

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