Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Divorces Can Be Tough Adjustment For Families, Children

There are many symptoms that children will present after having gone through a significant life change such as divorce -- there will be anger, sadness, crying, possible eating or sleep disturbances and changes in social behavior at home and school.
But experts say those symptoms can be eased tremendously if parents work out a good divorce.
Tori Chapman, 9, is as typical as they come and it's hard to tell that four years ago her world was flipped upside down when her parents divorced.
"They said that we've been having some trouble having a relationship and they were going to get a divorce," said Chapman.
"She said no, no,no, no and then we cried a little. We told her we loved her and it doesn't have anything to do with her. It was nothing she did. She said, "Do I have to move?" We said no, and she said, okay, can I go outside and play?" said Tori's mom, Linda Budnar.
Her parents consulted a child psychologist before breaking the news to her...

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