Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Health/Well Being Article

Many of us bristle when we hear "conflict." Some people thrive on it, but most of us take detours to avoid it. Why do we do this? If we had techniques to help us deal with conflict, perhaps we'd be better equipped to compromise while being true to our position.

One of my clients is dealing with a difficult situation and struggling to find a way to resolve the conflict within her before it destroys her marriage. Lilly is a hard-driving attorney with a successful practice. Her husband, David, is an equally successful writer who is struggling to find his voice. He is a little burned out, and he's decided that he needs to take some time to regenerate. In his fantasy world, Lilly would take time out from her career, and together, they would find some time to enjoy life again.

Unfortunately, Lilly isn't on David's time frame. She's at a crucial point in her career, and she believes that it is very important to stay on track. She understands David's need to recharge, and she has given him permission to take a time out. The problem is that David is beginning to feel hurt because Lilly works at least 12 hours a day. He's tried to be rational, but it hasn't worked. He resents Lilly for paying attention to her career, and, in his mind, deserting their relationship for the sake of her profession.

Lilly senses David's resentment, and she is beginning to feel the stress of trying to appease him while continuing to manage her overloaded work schedule.

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