Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twenty Five Tips for Parents Whose Children Are Getting A Divorce

Here are some do's, don'ts, and tips to help you handle things when your son or your daughter says, "Mom and Dad, I'm getting a divorce."

1.Don't become personally involved in your child's divorce.

2.Don't ask your friend, the lawyer, to represent your son or daughter.

3.Don't go to meetings between your son or your daughter and his or her lawyer.

4.Don't let your son's or daughter's divorce affect your relationship with your other children.

5.Don't interfere with your son-in-law's or daughter-in-law's visitation rights with your grandchildren.

6.Don't say bad or derogatory things about your child's spouse in front of your grandchildren.

7.Control your protective instincts and avoid becoming caught up in the nastiness of the "he said—she said" side of divorce. Recognize that divorce and family break ups are highly charged emotional events and can easily erupt into violent situations. Take precautions to protect your family's safety.

8.Do listen to your son or daughter if he or she confides in you about the break up of the marriage; be supportive, but don't say things that will fuel feelings of anger, distrust, anxiety, or hopelessness.

9.Don't help your child hide money or assets. If you're caught, in addition to becoming a party to your child's divorce or a legal action after the divorce, you could jeopardize your own assets.

10.Do pay extra attention to your grandchildren. Their mom and dad may become so caught up in their own feelings about the divorce, that they will unintentionally fail to spend enough time listening to and doing things with their children.

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