Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Private Investigators - The Truth Behind the Fiction

Many people think of various television heroes upon the mention of the words private investigator. Old gum shoes from the 40s and 50s with their feet up on the desk waiting for a damsel in distress to enter their offices.

Over the years, assorted television shows like Magnum P. I., Spencer for Hire, and a string of Sherlock Holmes and other famous detective movies have built an image in the minds of many about what a private investigator is.

The generated fantasies are romantic, thrilling and sometimes violent. The excitement and drama draws us to the show, week after week to see what our hero will do in the next situation. To solve the case.

In real life, however, a private investigator's job is never like the Hollywood versions. Though often exciting, and occasionally scary, a private investigator's job is diverse and sometimes extremely difficult.

Frankly, much of it comes down to extreme dedication and countless hours spent sifting through mountains of documents or late evenings poking through obscure databases, hoping to find that one shred of evidence needed by our current client.
By David Almeida, LPI

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