Monday, July 5, 2010

Tips for divorcing people considering Mediation

It is hard enough to be told that instead of a judge deciding that you are right and your spouse is wrong, you have to go to mediation. I suspect that you really didn’t want to know that mediators use different models of mediation! They do, and as a consumer, you probably want to understand enough about the mediation choices that exist to select a model that makes sense to you.

Mediation – a process where you, your spouse and sometimes your lawyers work with a neutral mediator to reach a voluntary settlement – has been around for decades. Courts like it, particularly for divorces. Some mediation programs are mandatory; others are strongly encouraged. Some are free; others are paid for by the users. You may, or may not get to choose your mediator. If you do, you want to find out what mediation model the mediator practices. As you will see in the following table, mediation models differ widely and mediators who use them have different goals.
By Deborah Lynn Zutter

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