Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CA Assembly Bill 612 and Parental Alienation

In 2009, an estimated 16,000 U.S. children were living in domestic violence emergency shelters.

For each one of those children, Shelter Outreach Plus supports Assembly Bill 612 and its efforts to ban the use of "Parental Alienation" in California courtrooms. AB 612, sponsored by Jim Beall Jr., D-San Jose, seeks to prohibit courts from considering nonscientific or "junk" theories when making decisions on child custody or visitation. Parental Alienation is an unscientific, unproven, unsupported theory that, by definition, is a "syndrome" brought on when a child is pressured by a parent suffering from "deflated self-esteem" as "part of a normal grieving response to interpersonal loss" and "the alienating parent may or may not be consciously aware of manipulating the child."

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