Monday, February 8, 2010


Here’s a fascinating take on divorce that I find more true than not: We choose our spouses, usually subconsciously, as a means to healing old emotional wounds we have been carrying around our entire life. Our divorce then becomes the wakeup call to clean up that mental baggage we have been lugging around once and for all which in turn allows us to become the person we were always meant to be!

That theory would go a long way to answering the questions we often ask ourselves: How is it I married my Father/Mother? Why do I over-react to certain things my ex did or said? Why do I continue making the same mistakes over and over again? Old emotional baggage has a tendency to run us and limit our freedom of choice. It is revealed in the endless mind chatter that seeks to sabotage us and keep us stuck in the pain of our past. It is seen to our extreme sensitivity to those things that push an emotional button based in our baggage. It creates a huge obstacle to us being our personal best and having the things we so desperately want from life.
Written by Shelley Stile
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