Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Most Common Reasons for Divorce and Separation

There are many reasons why a couple may consider a divorce and while there are literally hundreds of reasons some of the reasons tend to stand out more, and are amongst the most common cited. This may or may not be your reasons for a divorce but they are definitely worth noting.

Poor Communication
This is the single biggest reason that couples end up in divorce court. Bad news is if you could not talk during your marriage to resolve issues, it is not likely to improve when you add lawyers and courts to the mix. Expect a divorce based around this problem to drag out a while. If you both had great communication skills together, you would probably be able to resolve your issues. However, many couples have this problem and it is amazing each year how many more divorces are filed this year because of it.

Financial Problems
This is the second most serious marital problem that can occur. Reason being that if you have financial problems, the rest of your life is full of stress. If you are stressed out, the smallest things will irritate you and possibly create a huge fight. This is never a good sign, try to do whatever you can to resolve those financial problems if you want to avoid divorce. This includes curbing your shopaholic ways, saving more money, trimming back on bills, maybe even getting a better paying job. But it is important to realize that not everyone has the ability to get a better job or cut back again on bills. If this is not an option then you cannot totally blame your spouse...

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