Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Help for an Emotional Affair

Infidelity is devastating, but finding out that your husband is involved in an emotional affair can literally take your breath away. With this type of affair, there exists the possibility that he will choose the other woman over you. To help you get a grasp of why men have emotional affairs and learn how to proceed, read the following advice from Dr. Robert Huizenga.
Your Marriage Made Him Do It?

Infidelity is complex. You probably know that or perhaps feel the overwhelm and confusion. But to begin healing, you need to understand what is going on.

Did you know there are 7 different kinds of affairs? Well, there may be more, but after a couple decades of clinical work and research, I've identified 7. One kind of affair I write about in my e-book, Break Free From the Affair is called, "My Marriage Made Me Do It."

Here are some signs and patterns you can expect in this kind of emotional affair:

Expect that your spouse will have a very powerful attachment to the other person.

The other person will consistently be on her mind. Your spouse will shift energy away from you, the children, the household and career to his affair relationship. He will be focused, but not on you. Your spouse will attempt to push you away by avoiding you, ignoring you, closing off communication or walking away.

The affair will most likely be a long-term affair.

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