Friday, February 19, 2010

Honor and HOnesty is Refreshing to See

Recently a couple, who had been married for 34 years and divorced for 4, came to court and showed us what integrity looks like. They also proved again that a contract or promise is only as good as the honor of the parties who make it.

This couple had gotten one of those quick, cheap divorces four years earlier. The legal paper work was a mess. About the only thing it did properly was divorce them. Their property settlement agreement divided property they didn't own and didn't mention some property they did own!

However, even though the legal papers were a confused jumble, the two parties had done what they had verbally agreed to do. The husband had paid the wife half of his retirement pay every month although the divorce papers didn't say a word about that income source. He said he did it because he had promised to do it. The wife had signed deeds transferring title of two parcels of real estate to husband, but these transfers weren't listed in the divorce papers. It had been done because that's what they had agreed to do. Also, husband paid debts he wasn't legally bound to pay because he considered it his responsibility to pay the family bills.

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