Friday, February 5, 2010


Valentine’s Day. Here it comes again. Last year we ran a list of things you can do if you’re single in February, and got a great response. So this year, we’re updating the list with some new ideas for how to spend this highly commercialized ‘holiday’.

Because even though you may not want to celebrate the idea of ‘romantic love,’ your life is filled with all kinds of love, if only you take the time to notice: unconditional love for your children, the soul-sister (or brother) affection for your best friend, the gratitude for all the people who make your life easier, etc. So here are some things you can do on Valentine’s Day (and all of February) to honor the loves of your life:

1. If you love sugar or glitter, treat yourself to a heart shaped box of chocolate (dark chocolate even has health benefits!) or pamper yourself with some new jewelry. You’ll most likely save money with the sales this month! (We know this one made the list last year, but how can we not mention chocolate and jewelry?)
By: Renee Cooper
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