Friday, February 19, 2010

How is Child Support Determined?

In order to establish consistency and predictability in the amount of child support awards, the federal government mandates child support guidelines to be used by the states.

Most of the guidelines take into consideration the income of both parents. The percentage of the couple's combined income that each parent contributes helps determine the amount they will be obligated to pay in child support. Some states will base their formula on gross income, while others will use net income.

If a parent is already paying child support or alimony from a previous situation, they will generally be allowed to deduct that amount from their income. Typically, there are two requirements to qualify for this deduction: the support payments must be court-ordered (not voluntary) and the parent must actually be making the payments. A parent is not allowed to make deductions from his or her income for the support of a subsequent spouse or children.

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