Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't Let Divorce Fail Too

A favorite fantasy of many divorced parents is that their former spouse will disappear. They imagine that they will never again need to bother with or be bothered by their "ex". It comes as a great surprise to many to learn that for two people who have a child together, "till death do us part," was not just a marriage vow. It is reality.

People who have an unavoidable, life-long connection need to learn how to communicate in a constructive way. Divorced parents who don't learn civil communication skills will have a failed-divorce that will harm their children even more than their failed-marriage did.

One communication skill we should all learn is how to manage triangle interactions. A triangle interaction is one in which person-A talks to person-B about person-C. Another name for this pattern is gossip. It is seldom helpful and almost always harmful, particularly when relationships are strained. Unfortunately, triangle communication is a pattern at which most of us are highly skilled.

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