Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parental Alien Syndrome

Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) has only recently been recognized in the literature as a phenomenon occurring with sufficient frequency and with particular defining characteristics as to warrant recognition. Today, PAS is attracting the attention of clinicians, researchers, social service agencies, parent groups and the legal community. As well, it is an issue that has fuelled considerable debate with respect to the validity of its existence. In spite of the divisiveness that has evolved around this topic, one issue that few will debate is the fact that too many children are caught in a "tug of war" between their separated parents.

Parental alienation syndrome has been variously defined. Based on my background in family studies as well as my observations of client families, I have developed the following definition:

"..the deliberate attempt by one parent (and/or guardian/significant other) to distance his/her children from the other parent and in doing so, the parent engages the children in the process of destroying the affectional and familial bonds that once existed"

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CAconservative said...

Thanks for posting about Parental Alienation, especially in Marin County! As I am sure you well know there are many alienating parents in Marin County who believe that parental kidnapping is not a form of abusive behavior, but would stop at nothing to keep a child away from the other parent. Just remember, the judciary sees PA for what it truly is, a not the "excuse" of abusive dads.