Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alternative Approach to the Family Feud

"Don't find fault, find a remedy." Henry Ford

For many people, divorce is just a legal procedure that dissolves a marital relationship. That superficial attitude fails to understand that a divorce has a lasting impact on both parties. If the divorcing couple have children, the impact is frequently transferred to subsequent generations. Numerous studies have shown that a high conflict divorce involving children not only leaves its mark on the children, but also the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. This long term damage to families inevitably has a negative effect on society. To compound the problem, a high conflict divorce is usually very expensive, and the amount of stress it creates is impossible to measure.

Since attorneys are an integral part of the dissolution process, we play an extremely important role in how the parties and their families come through this difficult process. We have the ability to affect a number of lives based on the type of assistance we provide our clients. Representing someone in a family law matter is a serious responsibility.

provided by John H. Brandt, Esq

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Enjayneer David said...

The children's feelings and emotions are the most critical part of undergoing a divorce process. Kids are the most affected parties in the relationship so every divorcing couple must give extra attention to letting their kids slowly accept and understand the situation. In some cases, using a co-parenting planner ( is effective and will help the parents and the kids cope up with the situation. :)

NYOG said...

Enjayneer, the website you recommended is really helpful. I ordered a planner at which I might get in the mail next week! I am excited to use it. Thanks!