Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Married Women Seeking Affair

Infidelity statistics reveal that 45% of married women are having extramarital affairs (Atwood & Schwartz,2002). These figures clearly indicate there are a whole lot of married women seeking affairs. The first questions that come to mind are - who are these women and why do they stray from their relationships or marriages? Given that the research suggests that almost half of all married women are having extramarital affairs, there is a pretty good chance that you may know some of the married women seeking affairs.

The fact of the matter is that infidelity is very wide spread. With all of modern technology, having an extramarital affair today is made much easier than in the past. With cell phones, text messaging and chatrooms, there is more opportunity for people to have affairs. But since the prevalence of infidelity has only recently become a research interest, it is difficult to say with any certainty whether infidelity is actually on the rise or if people are just more willing to talk about it. The undisputed reality is - extramarital affairs are occuring with great frequency and regularity.

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