Thursday, March 18, 2010

Practicing Forgiveness

"Forgiveness is about your inner peace, not the other person. Forgiving eases you from negative baggage."
- Salsamisa

Forgiving someone is one of the best things you can do. It frees you up to spend your valuable time, energy, and other resources are producing fantastic new relationships, creating more happiness, and reaching your goals.

Picture a guy dragging his leg as he’s walking because his leg is attached to an iron ball and chain. This is what happens to us psychologically when we don’t forgive and when we drag along grudges with us. Have you ever held a grudge? Boy, I know I have. I used to be a world champion grudge holder. I might’ve even made the “Hall of Shame For Holding Grudges”. And it was the biggest burden to drag along with me on this journey of life.

So what happens when you cut the chains, free yourself of grudges, and practice forgiveness?
Well, instead of trudging along the highway of life with all these voluntary burdens that we’re carrying, we’re sprinting down the road of life with more love, laughter, and joy in our lives. Does this sound like a plan you’d like to sign up for? Well then, do it!

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