Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reducing Stress in Visitation Exchanges

As your divorce progresses, you may find that you actually feel better when you have less contact with your ex. If you do not have children together, this is not a difficult objective to obtain. However, if you are a parent then you are probably thrown together with your ex more often than you would like.

Whether contact with the other parent is sad or adversarial, here are a few creative strategies you can implement that will help diminish the repeatedly painful contact.

· If your children are of school age and you live in the same school district, visitation can commence with the children taking the school bus directly to their other home.

· If your children are pre-school age, then day care or nursery school may be an excellent place for visitation transition.

· Try a neutral family member's home as a transitional place. Bring your children there and pick up can commence after you leave.

· Utilize one of the big bookstore chains. Bring the children to the children's department and let them look at some books. Then you settle down in view of them with a frothy cappuccino until their other parent shows up.

· Try not to transfer kids in parking lots. They feel like cargo and there is always the chance for an unhealthy exchange between the two of you.

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