Friday, March 12, 2010

Custody and Visitation - What do Those Words Actually Mean, in Layman's Terms?

In the past, custody always went to the mom and dad got visits every other weekend. Views have changed over the years. Studies are showing that children benefit more when both parents are active in their lives. Dads are taking proactive roles in their children's lives and this is changing the dynamics of custody and visitation.

Custody to some people is awarded to the parent who cares more about the children and visiting goes to the parent who cares less. Nothing is further from the truth. All that matters is what is best for the children. These two words Custody and Visitation are highly emotional and explosive leading to many court battles and the wasting of thousands of dollars.

Custody and Visitation are legal terms. When discussing parenting, first decide what is best for your kids, then who will have them at certain times and why, and lastly what each parents time will be called.

However Custody and Visitation must be classified when there are parenting concerns with one of the parents (i.e.: Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol use, ever changing work schedules, parent moving out of state) We are here to do what is best for your children, taking every issue into account when putting together custody and visitation plans.
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