Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Research on the outcomes of divorce clearly shows that a child's post divorce adjustment is DIRECTLY RELATED to the duration and intensity of their parents' divorce conflict. (Wallerstein & Blakesley, 1989)

Now what does that tell you as a divorcing parent who may be caught in a custody battle?

This means that as long divorcing parents keep on squabbling, their children will continue to experience stress and react to the tension and acrimony in the family during the divorcing process.

The solution to this divorce related problem depends on whether parents are willing to place the needs of their children ahead of their own hostility toward each other.

Your children don't deserve to be caught in the middle of your custody dispute. Here's a way to end your custody battle and protect your children's interests as well!

Children of divorcing parents deserve to have as little disruption to their lives as possible. They also deserve to be free from their parents' divorce related conflict.

Divorcing parents can make sure this happens by developing an EFFECTIVE PARENTING PLAN.

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