Friday, March 12, 2010

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Divorce

Are you considering divorce? I'm talking about quiet, sober consideration of a question, not the thoughts that flare up from the heated emotions that come right after an argument. Have you thought through the effects of a divorce, and come to the conclusion that you may want to act? If you have, there are things you should do right away If your husband has already filed before you, then you must act immediately. If not, you should take certain actions quickly, but not carelessly. The things you do now will affect every decision throughout the process, right down to the final decree.

If you have reached the point where divorce is a clear option, and particularly if you are considering an action that shows you mean to separate from your husband (if you are thinking of leaving, or asking him to move out), you should do the following before approaching your spouse:

Seven things you must do before approaching your husband about divorce:

Make copies of your husband's pay stubs for the past eight weeks.

Make copies of your joint tax returns for the past five years.

Copy all bank statements and documentation of stock accounts, IRAs, and pension plans.

Make copies of all of your monthly bills over the past three months. These should include mortgage statements, rent payments, utility bills, car payments, insurance premiums, children's expenses, medical expenses, and credit card statements.

Copy deeds to any properties owned jointly or in your husband's name.
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