Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flying Solo on Vacation

After years of always planning a vacation with your partner, figuring out where to vacation by yourself can be more daunting than most people think. If the idea of going to an all-inclusive singles resort turns you off, then pair your vacation with a hobby or something that really interests you. Not only will your days be filled with activities, you’ll be with like-minded people, one of whom might be your next partner.

One of the main benefits of a themed getaway is the decreased possibility of awkward pauses or having no one to converse with. Since you’ll be around people who share a common interest, the conversations should come easily. Imagine traveling to a cooking school for a week. You think you’d get bored or find it hard to talk to your cooking partner? Highly unlikely.

Let’s say you like wine (or want to learn more about it). Going on a wine tour is a perfect way to meet people who share your interest. You’ll taste and learn about wines with groups of people who are more likely to be talking about the next great merlot instead of their marriage. One tour company that caters to singles is Wine Tours of the World. They even solicit suggestions on where to go and what type of vineyards to visit, not just in the United States, but the world over.

You can also check out tour operators dedicated to singles tours and trips. Singles Travel lists a wide array of trips – hiking, cruises, backpacking and skiing – for singles and solo travelers.

For almost any interest (golf, museums, heck, maybe storm chasing), there are vacation tours catering to that particular interest. The key is to find out what YOU enjoy. Once you have that, finding a vacation getaway should be easy.
Written by G. Hart

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