Thursday, March 18, 2010

Single Parenting in the Summer

During the school year it can be difficult enough for single parents to keep kids cared for and out of trouble, but when summer arrives and school activities are no longer available, the challenge becomes even more complicated. Many single parents are left with the dilemma of being happy about extra time with their children but also the concern about what to do with them while they are at work. The following are some practical tips to assist single parents during those long three months:

1. Let kids help in finding solutions. Give your child the opportunity to contribute when plans are being made for the out-of-school months. Model and let them participate in problem solving skills. Write down all possible solutions (theirs too) and write the pros and cons of each. Children cope better with complicated scheduling if they feel they have had some input. Let them help in writing out a schedule.

2. Make sure young children have fun, interesting people to spend time with. Grandparents or an aunt or uncle who really love kids can be a treat for your child; a parent of one of their friends can provide peer interaction as well as adult supervision. Summer school teachers or camp counselors can also contribute positive interactions to your children.

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