Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Helping Your Child Feel Secure and Loved Through Divorce

Divorce is traumatic for everyone involved. Adults know that change doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to get worse, and often, change is the beginning of something better.

However, children don’t have the life experience to know this and often feel that change brings the “bad” and “scary” unknown. Discussing divorce with your children using their dominant sense can help them assimilate the information in a positive way. The aim is to keep their best interests at heart and have them feel secure, safe and loved.

Watch visual cues

Approach visual children through what they see; they will need to see that mom and dad are happier. Appeal to them with things they like to see, then allow them to draw the separation. Make sure any interaction you have with your ex visually is positive, which means no frowning, eye-rolling or dirty looks. Your visual child will notice every little expression. Try keeping wedding rings on a bit longer: this is a symbol of unity and your child will notice it’s gone. When you’re ready, replace it with one you pick out with your child, or move it to another finger.

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