Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Divorce and Effects on Children

Divorce is a very difficult time of life and it is not one that many would opt to experience. Most people who have been through the divorcing process will readily acknowledge that it is stressful, expensive and often, emotionally painful. Divorce is often filled with conflict, uncertainty and change.

An added source of stress for people getting divorced is the presence of children. Thus in addition to dealing with their own distress, parents are faced with the upset that their children experience as well. Because no two children or situations are alike, their reactions to their parents' divorce varies. Much depends on children's ages, temperaments and personal circumstances. However, the greatest influence on children's adaptation to divorce is their parents' conduct and attitude. Children are very responsive and reactive to the level of conflict that extists between their parents.
What the Research Says About Children's Adjustment to Divorce

Research on children's adjustment to divorce is clear in noting that the first six months post separation is a challenging time for families and the most difficult on children.

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