Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting Healthy After Your Divorce

Ok. You’ve sat in front of the TV and ate your favorite burger, finished off every onion ring, and hit fast forward to zoom past the love scenes in the darkness. Your friends are still taking your calls and listening to you, but in truth, they have their own lives to get back to.

What has gotten back to you?

Perhaps there’s a little ring of love that you don’t really feel any passion for, hanging at the bottom of your belly. Don’t worry, you’re allowed to grow that.

We understand.

However, if you want to stimulate your pleasure receptors in the brain, you’re going to need to start eating healthier. Do you know what you’ve been doing? You’ve been feeding your cortisol hormones. That’s right – to put it simply, these are hormones associated with your adrenaline glands that are stimulated when you eat fatty foods.

Aha! The very reason they are called comfort foods is finally revealed.

So then, if you exercise, you will be stimulating those same adrenaline glands but instead of picking up some love handles, you’ll be acquiring some self-love. The fact is that eating junk and sitting around watching flicks is temporary relief that only produce more depression.

Getting out and exercising will not only get you the results that lead to a greater feeling of self-worth, but will get you into a routine where your body is producing endorphins that stimulate your pleasure receptors.

Moving actually creates positive energy on a biological level. How can you motivate yourself to get off the couch and get on with your life? Tell yourself that the same amount of time it takes to watch a rerun of The Office can give you a flat stomach and a stress free-night of sleep.

Reruns will only produce reruns of the same habits. Hence, the name!

Here are some tips to help you on your healthy road back:

• Only concentrate on the moment at hand. Don’t worry so much about your final goal. After all, that’s at the end of the road. Be aware that the journey back is the most important part. Each step you take during a 3 mile jog should bring the same sense of relief as when you stop.
• Fat Free. Look for it. Love it. Be it. Ice Cream, Cheese, Milk, even brownies all come in the fat free variety. Enjoy these treats late at night when you need some comfort food and the person looking back at you in the mirror when you wake up will be happy.
• Exercise where others are doing the same. If you see others engaging in physical activity by themselves, you can be alone without, you know, feeling alone.
• Eat a big breakfast. If you’re going to eat junk, make sure you do it in the morning. The meal you eat early on is burnt throughout the day, so make sure all your heavy eating comes in the A.M. hours. Besides, the bigger breakfast you have, the less you’ll want to sneak that slice in during the afternoon.
• Lunch Breaks. This is your time. Take a LONG walk while everyone else is taking their lunch back to eat in front of their computer. You’ll get the energy from the sun, vibes from others walking around, and burn calories. Mind body and soul baby – it’s all you.
Written by Christopher Herz

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