Monday, February 1, 2010

Parenting Plans

Dr. Jean Mercer writes about the importance of being mindful of early child development when drafting parenting plans in a recent article for Psychology Today:

"It would seem that parenting plans for young children could involve all kinds of different schedules for contacts with the two parents-- and sometimes they do have very peculiar schedules agreed upon by parents or even ordered by courts. Unfortunately, some of these schedules ignore the facts of early development, the young child's poor concept of time, and the anxiety young children experience when separated from familiar persons and places. As a result, young children are caused unnecessary distress, and parents dealing with that distress may become anxious about their own parenting ability, in some cases even deciding to relinquish access to the child because they find their contacts so distressing."

To learn about mistakes to avoid when formulating a parenting plan, please visit the following site to read the entire article:

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